Monday, May 13, 2013

301 Archduchess Isabella's Peridot and Diamond Tiara: These particular peridots are quite fine with good purity huge size and a deep olive color. There are five peridot stones in the tiara each surrounded by a scrolling foliate diamond frame. The tiara is part of a parure which includes a set of earrings a large brooch (or devant de corsage) and a necklace; the necklace includes seven drops which can be removed and mounted upright on the tiara.

The Plus-Size Bride

Being A Plus Size Bride  First, let me clarify what plus size is, it is anything over a size 12, yes that's right, if you wear over a size 12, you are considered plus size in our wonderful society.   I am not sure when it became a "sin" to be a...

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